Livingstone and Boris offer differing community plans

Livingstone and Boris have offered differing community plans for London
Livingstone and Boris have offered differing community plans for London

Mayor of London Ken Livingstone has today launched his community relations manifesto as his campaign to win a third term continues before the May 1st elections.

Meanwhile, his main opponent in next month's election, Conservative candidate Boris Johnson, pledged his support to victims of crime.

Mr Livingstone's community manifesto set out a number of key areas for the development of good relations within local communities and the "participation of all Londoners in the success of the city".

The incumbent mayor also said that he would develop an annual report into the achievements of every public service in meeting the needs of Londoners.

"If re-elected mayor, I will develop an authoritative annual State of Community Equality London's report which will examine the achievements of every public service in achieving a representative workforce and in meeting the needs of all of London's diverse communities," Mr Livingstone pledged today.

Mr Livingstone even found time to continue his attack on Mr Johnson, claiming that the Tory candidate did not understand the questions involved in providing good community relations.

"This translates into practical policies when Boris Johnson ridiculously announces that he will 'unite' London against my policies 'dividing' the city, when he is in fact attacking the policies that in 25 years in London have created among the best community relations in the world and which indeed may be taken as a model for many cities in the world," he said.

"When he attacks 'so-called community leaders' he simply does not understand that such multicultural mutual tolerance and respect is the only way to unite a city as massively diverse and open as London. It is for that reason that Boris Johnson's views on community relations are rejected by the overwhelming majority of ethnic minority communities in London.

"They are indeed fundamentally wrong for our city and London should remain on the same path of success in community relations that has brought it such success in the last 25 years," Mr Livingstone stated.

Mr Johnson was also on the campaign trial today, claiming more needed to be done for the victims of crime in London.

"We must do more to help victims of crime in the capital. I plan to tackle crime head-on but when someone is a victim of crime, they should be helped in every way possible. Victims have been failed in London and as mayor I will do much more to protect and support them," the Tory candidate said.

He outlined a four-point plan aimed at improving the performance of the police in their victim support duties.

Mr Johnson also announced that he will unveil details of the Mayor's Fund for London later this month.

The scheme will allow industries to donate into a fund supporting community projects.


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