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Britain may never adapt to a European drinking culture, Hazel Blears claims

Minister: Refined drinking culture distant dream

Britain will never be able to achieve the 'cafe drinking culture' found in many European countries due to UK residents' love of getting drunk, cabinet minister Hazel Blears has claimed.

  • David Cameron says 2007 will be when Labour's "dark side comes to the fore"

    Tories to put working families first in 2007

    The Conservatives are aiming to portray themselves as the party for the working families of Britain with new policies designed to revitalise social mobility, the party's leader has announced.

  • Queen's new year's honours are announced

    CPS and MI6 chiefs lead new year's honours

    The director of public prosecutions and head of the Crown Prosecution Service (CPS) Ken McDonald, leads the list of knighthoods in the Queen's 2007 new year's honours.

  • Sinn Fein leader Gerry Adams is confident of breakthrough on policing

    NI policing agreement moves closer

    A formal consensus over policing in Northern Ireland has become a realistic possibility after Sinn Fein agreed to hold a special party conference on the issue next month.

  • British government respects decision by Iraq to execute former leader Saddam Hussein

    Britain 'respects' Saddam execution

    The government says it respects the decision made by its Iraqi counterpart to execute former president Saddam Hussein.

  • Gordon Brown pays off final instalment of lend lease to US and Canada

    Britain finally pays off WWII debt

    Britain will today make the last repayment on loans lent by the US and Canada during the second world war - 61 years ago.

  • MagLev trains are among the projects being considered by the Tories

    Tories back high-speed rail lines

    The Conservatives are backing detailed studies into three major potential rail projects, including the Maglev 'levitating' train and a high-speed north-south rail line.

  • Jon Cruddas warns of falling Labour membership

    Cruddas warns of declining Labour membership

    Labour party membership could disappear within seven years if the current rate of decline continues, a candidate for the deputy leadership warned yesterday.

  • Menzies Campbell calls for new offensive on crime

    Ming gets tough on crime

    Menzies Campbell today called on the Liberal Democrats to "sharpen" their message on law and order and show that the party can be trusted to tackle crime.

  • Ken Livingstone has slammed CRE chief Trevor Phillips

    Livingstone blasts CRE chief

    Ken Livingstone has released a broadside against Commission for Racial Equality (CRE) chief Trevor Phillips, saying he is failing minorities.

  • Des Browne said the army might be too small to keep up its current operational tempo

    Browne: The army might be too small

    Defence secretary Des Browne has said he thinks the army might be too small to maintain its current operational tempo.

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