Housing crisis: Immigration rules turn landlords into border guards.

Hostile Environment: Hundreds of Commonwealth nationals evicted under anti-migrant 'right to rent' rule

Figures obtained by Politics.co.uk reveal that almost 300 Commonwealth nationals have been evicted from their homes under the government's controversial 'right to rent' rules, raising concerns that members of the Windrush generation could have been affected.

PHE warned Government against NHS charging rules for migrants | Copyright: iStock

Hostile environment: Government ignored warnings from Public Health England on migrant health charges

The government pushed through new NHS charging rules for migrants despite serious warnings from Public Health England that it could lead to the spread of infectious diseases.

The Carmichaels took their case to the Supreme Court

DWP wins legal case to block future benefit appeals

Government wins legal case which could have major implications for people fighting the DWP.

"The all migrant workforce say they are currently paid £7.50 per hour "

Daily Mail's migrant cleaners preparing to strike for better pay

The cleaners are demanding the recommended London Living Wage


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