About Opinion Formers

Opinion Formers are organisations that use Politics.co.uk as a platform to communicate with their (and Politics.co.uk’s) core audience: MPs, journalists, researchers and politically aware members of the public.

Opinion Former content is clearly demarcated from our standard editorial articles. Whether it’s in the form of an exclusively-written article or a press release, a video or a notice-board message to an MP, any news or comment from an Opinion Former will be clearly branded with the organisation’s own name and logo.

All sorts of different organisations benefit from their status as Politics.co.uk Opinion Formers.

Corporate companies find us an ideal platform to communicate their brand and ethos to the politically-engaged public without media spin.

Smaller charities and campaign groups gain invaluable exposure, prompting top journalists to approach them for comment on the issues that matter most. Bigger charities welcome the direct hotline to policy-makers and talking heads.

And leading trade bodies, including trade unions, find that through us they can not only ensure they represent their members at each stage of relevant policy developments, but also give their work a much higher public profile. 

A standard, multiple-page microsite in our popular Opinion Former Directory instantly increases your organisation’s profile and influence. Meanwhile, well-placed comment opportunities set your voice alongside our professional House of Commons lobby journalists, boosting your credibility on key topics. And most exciting of all, our multi-media packages enable you to engage with a whole new constituency by video and social media.

With 20 million videos uploaded to Facebook every month, a quarter of a million shared on Facebook a day, and half of all videos being shared, it’s no surprise that video is becoming such an essential and popular medium.

If you're interested in benefiting from a presence on Politics.co.uk, click here for information on VoiceOver.


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