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  • AV referendum

    The fate of the government's proposed referendum on alternative vote (AV) hangs in the balance in the Lords today.

  • AV referendum

    Both the 'no' and 'yes' to campaigns hosted cross-party events as the referendum on the alternative vote looms ever closer.

  • Corporations have a cosier relationship with the government than households, the report suggests.

    Avoiding corporate tax

    Her Majesty's Revenue and Customs' (HMRC) "cosy" relationship with corporations is in the spotlight following a Commons report.

  • AV

    The bitter tussle over voting reform will be decided tomorrow as voters head to the polls to decide whether to switch to the alternative vote (AV).

  • Issue of the day: Autumn statement buildup

    Autumn statement buildup

    Next week is set to be one of the coalition's toughest yet, as the struggling economy makes spending cuts even worse.

  • Tough day for Osborne.

    Autumn statement

    George Osborne is set to unveil downgraded economic growth forecasts to MPs later.

  • Issue of the day: Attacking Ed Miliband

    Attacking Ed Miliband

    The left's debate over how to respond to the coalition's spending cuts is focusing on Ed Miliband's leadership today.

  • Syrian resolution

    A Syria solution?

    The United Nations has voted overwhelmingly in favour of an Arab league-led resolution condemning the violence of the Syrian regime and calling for it to cease.

  • Asylum seekers amnesty

    The decision of the UK Borders Agency (UKBA) to allow 160,000 asylum seekers to remain in the UK has sparked controversy.

  • The Assad regime is closing in on the rebel controlled city

    Assad regime tightens crackdown on Homs

    Syrian government forces are intensifying their crackdown on the city of Homs, amid international condemnation of the heavy handedness of the regime.

  • Issue of the day: A solar setback for ministers

    A solar setback for ministers

    The government's high court defeat over its solar power feed-in tariff cuts is being celebrated by campaigners today.

  • Cuts could lose the MoD skills

    Army cuts

    A report released today by the National Auditing Office (NAO) criticises the Ministry of Defence (MOD) for savagely cutting its headcount without proper planning

  • Armed forces job cuts

    Almost 2,000 armed service personnel are being told that they are losing their jobs today.

  • Armed forces funding

    The UK's armed forces are unlikely to be able to do what is asked of them after 2015, MPs have said.

  • A regressive Budget

    The publication of a report by the Institute of Fiscal Studies (IFS) brought the Chancellor's emergency budget back to the fore of the agenda, and said the coalition's budget plans were 'regressive'.

  • Archbishop vs the coalition

    The Archbishop of Canterbury has hit out at the government, questioning its mandate for carrying out major reforms.

  • Issue of the day: Archbishop of Canterbury quits

    Archbishop of Canterbury quits

    Rowan Williams' departure is the latest development in a troubling period for the Church of England.

  • Parliament's central lobby spire

    A peek into lobbying

    There were fresh demands for reform of the lobbying industry today after a sting operation saw a major company boast about its influence on the prime minister.

  • Starting off unequal? Incomes are veering ever-further apart.

    An unequal Britain

    Inequality among working-age people in the UK is rising faster than other developed nations, an OECD report has shown.

  • Anti-tobacco moves

    Proposals to introduce plain packaging for cigarettes and moves to introduce a point-of-display ban have been unveiled on No Smoking Day.

  • Anti-social behaviour

    By arguing police forces need a new approach to tackle anti-social behaviour, HM inspector of constabulary has drawn the issue to the fore as spending cuts for the police loom large.

  • Issue of the day: Another unemployment high

    Another unemployment high

    UK unemployment has reached its highest for 17 years, in more bad economic news for the coalition.

  • Not enough shopping: The economy appears to be contracting.

    Another recession?

    Britain looks likely to slip back into recession after new figures this week showed the economy has started to contract.

  • Issue of the day: High speed rail report

    Anger at high speed rail report

    A report from MPs has reignited the debate about the government's proposal to build a high speed rail network in Britain.

  • Anger at Hester's £1m RBS bonus

    Anger at Hester's £1m RBS bonus

    Taxpayer-owned bank RBS is paying its chief executive Stephen Hester a bonus worth nearly £1 million for his work in 2011.

  • Issue of the day: Amended NHS reforms

    Amended NHS reforms

    The government has retreated further in its bid to secure agreement for its NHS reforms.

  • Alternative vote campaigns

    The campaigns for and against the alternative vote (AV) began today with a battle of the speeches between David Cameron and Nick Clegg.

  • Alternative Vote

    The 'yes' campaign for the alternative vote hosted a high-profile event of cross-party MPs today.

  • The government wants planning decisions to have a presumption they will go ahead.

    A local development

    MPs have criticised government plans to ease up planning applications.

  • A-level results day

    Nearly 200,000 young people face a scramble today to grab a last-minute place at university through the clearing process.

  • Alcohol policy

    The government's attempts to create a public health agreement on drinking were under pressure this morning as leading public health organisations denounced the plans.

  • Government advert teenage binge drinking alcohol

    Alcohol abuse cost to taxpayer £2.78bn per year

    The prime minister will use a visit to a hospital in the north-east today to highlight the cost of alcohol to the NHS.

  • Jobs market worsens

    Alarm as job market continues to worsen

    Official figures released yesterday showed the numbers of unemployed continues to rise.

  • Alan Johnson resignation

    The New Labour stalwart's decision to quit has left the Labour party reeling.

  • Aircraft carriers report

    Fresh doubt has been cast over Britain's two new aircraft carriers after the National Audit Office (NAO) revealed that there are serious risks to value for money.

  • Issue of the day:Aircraft carrier decision questioned

    Aircraft carrier decision questioned

    The wisdom of last year's defence and security review is being called into account once again.

  • Aid spending

    Defence secretary Liam Fox has reopened the debate about Britain's spending on international aid.

  • Cameron branded health and safety regulations "a monster".

    A health and safety monster

    David Cameron has promised to kill the "health and safety monster" as the coalition's new year's resolution.

  • Issue of the day: Coalition's post-veto EU divide

    After the EU veto

    David Cameron is accounting for his decision to use Britain's veto at last week's European summit to MPs today.

  • Issue of the day: Aftermath of public sector pensions strikes

    Aftermath of public sector pensions strikes

    Ministers and union leaders are returning to the negotiating table after yesterday's mass walkout from public sector workers.

  • Issue of the day: Party leaders' new year messages

    A fresh start? Party leaders' new year messages

    It's a gloomy new year for the main party leaders as they assess their prospects in 2012.

  • Issue of the day: Affordable flooding insurance

    Affordable flooding insurance

    Insurers are putting pressure on the government to do more to deal with the flooding risks faced across England.

  • Adoption

    The government will unveil plans today to encourage more adoptions across the country.

  • LFC

    A day of contrition

    In a day of extraordinary contrition, Kenny Dalglish and Luis Suarez publicly apologised for the events at Old Trafford on Saturday, which threatened to reopen a race row between Liverpool and Manchester United.

  • Issue of the day: Action against surcharges

    Action against surcharges

    Plans to ban excessive surcharges imposed on online purchases of airline, cinema and other tickets and purchases are being brought forward.

  • Issue of the day: Action against executive pay

    Action against executive pay

    The coalition is set to take action to curb high levels of executive pay, but opponents say the measures do not go far enough.

  • Issue of the day: Access and tuition fees

    Access and tuition fees

    Initial tuition fee packages for 2012 are suggesting a minor reduction in the average cost of going to university.

  • A cap on immigration

    The government's controversial move to impose a cap for non-EU migrants picks up pace today, as the migration advisory committee publishes its findings.

  • Academies push

    Michael Gove is today announcing a massive extension of the academies programme, in a bid to lend the ailing project some impetus.

  • Academies bill

    The government stands accused of rushing its flagship schools reform legislation through parliament.

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