Farage arrives for an interview with Andrew Marr last weekend, in which he challenged this host about bias

Nigel Farage’s claims of BBC bias are part of his act – journalists shouldn’t play along

Journalists need to learn that tackling the image is now as important as challenging the content.

Grayling: Continued success suggests political system is broken

Probation privatisation debacle: Crazed obsession with the market fails again

Another disaster to add to Grayling's record. But the lessons go further than just one man.

May leaves No.10 for a meeting with to Nato secretary general Jens Stoltenberg earlier this week.

Fourth time lucky: May's pitiful gambit

Prime minister worsens her own situation by planning to hold a fourth vote on her deal, but it's line with her usual strategic inadequacy.

System destruction: Mainstream political leaders need a new approach, and fast

Both parties frozen in terror as Brexit destroys the system

The whole edifice of British politics is being torn apart, and both party leaders are so inadequate they can only sit and watch it happen.


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