Johnson strategy is straight from the autocrat's playbook

Johnson strategy is straight from the autocrat's playbook

Alarmingly authoritarian approach to government chimes with experiences under autocratic rulers across the world.

Bercow starts to cry as he thanks his wife and children for their support.

Bercow resignation: He was the right man in the right place at the right time

Activist Speaker steps down, after a long had fight standing up against May ad Johnson's governments.

Coming apart: The Brexit battleground is now over the constitution

Polling 'People vs Parliament': What a new survey says about our constitutional mess

British constitutional rules are bending at the seams, but Leave voters and Remain supporters are responding in different ways.

Clinging to reality when things get weird

Week in Review: Clinging to reality under a post-truth government

How to stay sane when everything gets weird.


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