Fingers crossed: MPs repeatedly voted contrary to their conscience this week

Week in Review: Talking out both sides of their mouth

Mass hypocrisy across the Commons as tactical priorities overrule conviction

Dark days: Westminster wants an extension, but can no longer control its destiny

Britain pleads to extend Article 50: This is one of our darkest hours

The government finally accepts it cannot leave on March 29th. But its fate is no longer in its hands.

An anti-Brexit protester stands outside of parliament, on another day of high Commons drama

May loses a vote against herself in a crazed night of parliamentary drama

Scenes unlike any other point in modern Commons history as Theresa May's government seems to fall apart completely.

Irish border: Disaster beckons despite last-gasp plan to avoid checks

National breakdown: A glimpse of the vicious chaos of no-deal

The full humiliation and horror of no-deal is now out, in black and white.


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