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Anna Matthews: 'The superior UK expertise and acknowledged leading position may disappear forever'

Comment: Why won't taxpayer-backed Network Rail buy British?

We're in the indefensible situation where Network Rail, funded by the taxpayer, will buy technology designed and manufactured overseas

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  • CIHT Transport Manifesto Launched

    CIHT has today launched it ‘Future for Highways & Transportation’ manifesto that outlines the Institution’s proposals and views on key issues affecting the industry today.

  • CIHT: Transport Industry Responds to Challenge

    Key highways and transportation practitioners revealed today told how the industry can successfully respond to the economic, social and environmental challenges they currently face.

  • RHA: The Women’s World of Transport and Logistics

    The number of women holding senior positions in the vital transport and logistics sector has grown to a substantial degree with an ever increasing number of females now holding top jobs in areas of both regulation and operations.

  • CIHT: Industry Transport Planners have their say

    The Chartered Institution of Highways & Transportation (CIHT) and the Transport Planning Society have just carried out a survey to discover the industry’s views on the Transport Planning Professional (TPP) qualification.

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