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"An incalculable loss to Northern Irish politics"

Martin McGuinness: A life of two halves

Martin McGuinness' life shows us what happens when politics doesn't work and when it does

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  • Belfast: portrait of change.

    WATCH: The re-imaging of Sandy Row

    Thousands of still images tell the story of a week when the local community and artist Ross Wilson painted over a paramilitary gunman and replaced it with 'A Portrait of a King' - a mural of King William III.

  • The 'Peace Wall' divides Republican and Loyalist neighborhoods in West Belfast

    Northern Ireland leaders look to dismantle 'peace walls'

    A plan to dismantle the gates, fences and walls dividing Catholic and Protestant areas of Northern Ireland's built-up areas are to be dismantled within a decade, leaders will announce later.

  • Northern Ireland's public sector reliance makes it especially vulnerable to cuts

    Clegg concedes NI cuts vulnerability

    Nick Clegg acknowledged Northern Ireland's reliance on public sector jobs makes it especially vulnerable to spending cuts in a speech in the province last night.

  • Tom Elliott is the UUP's new leader

    UUP seeks unity after leadership election

    Tom Elliott has appealed for unity within the Ulster Unionist party (UUP) after a sometimes acrimonious leadership election came to an end with his overwhelming victory.

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