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"If it's smart, the DUP will be keep its influence over Theresa May as low key as possible."

'Burning but flourishing': The frenzied religious politics of the DUP

A brutal, tribal and self-pitying party which will not welcome the heightened media attention it is receiving

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  • Belfast: portrait of change.

    WATCH: The re-imaging of Sandy Row

    Thousands of still images tell the story of a week when the local community and artist Ross Wilson painted over a paramilitary gunman and replaced it with 'A Portrait of a King' - a mural of King William III.

  • The 'Peace Wall' divides Republican and Loyalist neighborhoods in West Belfast

    Northern Ireland leaders look to dismantle 'peace walls'

    A plan to dismantle the gates, fences and walls dividing Catholic and Protestant areas of Northern Ireland's built-up areas are to be dismantled within a decade, leaders will announce later.

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