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Speeding law to be tightened up

Speeding law to be tightened up

New proposals will see motorists losing their licence after only two speeding offences, the government will announce today.

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  • No progress on drink driving deaths

    Statistics released by the Department for Transport today show that there has been no improvement in drink driving related deaths since 2010.

  • England & Wales lag behind neighbours on drink driving

    England and Wales left with the highest drink-drive limit in Europe after Malta announces plans to lower legal blood alcohol content for drivers Road safety groups and emergency services call for England and Wales to follow suit No progress on UK drink driving deaths since 2010 Public opinion polls show 77% in favour of a lower legal limit

  • How we drink in the UK

    By using official statistics, collected by government agencies, we can see how alcohol is consumed across the country and how different groups of people choose to drink

  • Save lives, safer roads, lower the drink-drive limit

    The Institute of Alcohol Studies call for a reduction in the legal drink-drive limit in this animation.

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