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The author's name is Darrell Goodliffe.

He is a 27 year-old male who has lived in the Hyde Park & Woodhouse area of Leeds for nearly a year.

When it comes to politics he thinks it is fair to say he has a reputation for speaking his mind; his political beliefs are relatively simple: He believes passionately in a society where opportunity is open to all; where government is accountable and sees its role as the provider of that opportunity.

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A recent revamp has left Moments of Clarity looking even newer and shinier than before.

A young Labour activist in Leeds, Darrell Goodliffe, provides a mature-beyond-his-years look at the state of his party and national politics.

But this is more than a one-person blog, with some interesting guest contributions and some switched-on commentary about the prospects of the other parties as well as his own.

This is more balanced, more refined, than your average blog. It's well-worth following.

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