Podcast: Ukip – here to stay?

Europe has divided Conservatives for decades
Europe has divided Conservatives for decades.

By Charles Maggs

After decades on the fringes Ukip is starting to trouble the established parties – especially the Conservatives.

Its staunch euro-scepticism and traditional values strike many voters as living in the past, but to a growing number of Tories they are the forbidden fruit of British politics. We spoke to Conservatives Daniel Hannan and Claire Perry, who have very different takes on how they should deal with Ukip and the wider question of Europe. Yougov pollster Joe Twyman explains why the band of what David Cameron once called "fruitcakes, loonies and closet racists" are making such inroads.

And we hear from Ukip chairman Steve Crowther on what the future may hold for the party a Britain outside of the European Union - the Jerusalem for its members.

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