Podcast: Cameron's EU mission impossible

David Cameron takes on European leaders in tough EU budget negotiations
David Cameron takes on European leaders in tough EU budget negotiations
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After his Commons defeat, Cameron faces an EU budget negotiation nightmare.

Britain's pursuit of a real-terms freeze in the EU budget seems doomed to failure. But how much will Cameron be able to blame other EU countries – as opposed to his rebel backbenchers? We've spoken to Tories on either side of the divide, as well as campaigners and experts on the EU budget headscratcher.

This podcast features Mark Reckless, the Conservative backbencher behind the Commons amendment which brought the prime minister low in parliament, on his broader Eurosceptic agenda in the months to come. We've also got Richard Ottaway, the Tory chair of the foreign affairs select committee – an important figure who understands the diplomatic challenges Cameron faces. Stephen Tindale, associate fellow at the Centre for European Reform think-tank, gives us his take on the tensions at the heart of the continent. And Marc Glendening, political director at the People's Pledge campaign, explains why EU budget hassle is only going to help those seeking a straightforward in-or-out choice for the British people.

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