NOAH 25 Years Brochure

Since the formation of NOAH there has been much regulatory review, predominantly in relation to the implementation of European regulations. Getting a medicine to market remains a long process and quite rightly includes stringent regulatory hurdles. Whilst safety is paramount, we have to balance this and remember the benefits animal medicines bring.

NOAH is working with its European federation IFAH-Europe to propose to the next review of the European Directives that the ‘1-1-1 principle’ be adopted. This will provide a dedicated regulatory process for animal medicines, with the same high emphasis on safety, efficacy and quality – but also a true ‘common market’ by allowing all medicines authorised in any one member state to be available on any other member state market. This will increase availability of medicines to prevent and treat animal disease and speed up time to market – and encourage investment into new animal medicines for the future. More importantly this will enable our industry to contribute to the every growing needs of food availability and security in the future.

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