Save our villages

We want to halt the decline of rural England. That's why we are campaigning to ensure every village is covered by an action plan for affordable homes.

England's countryside is in crisis. Housing in rural areas is more expensive than in cities and towns. With many lower income earners and young people priced out of their home villages, we are concerned that rural England is becoming the preserve of the wealthy and the isolated elderly.

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Our three-step plan will ensure that housing need is understood and dealt with at a local level, preserving working villages:

1. Every local authority should have an up to date assessment of housing need for rural wards.
2. Authorities should publish a rural housing action plan to show how they will meet that need.
3. To ensure the rural housing crisis is addressed not just now but also for future generations, assessment and action planning should be repeated every three years.

With rural housing the ultimate responsibility of the Government, we will also press ministers to ensure that local authorities can prioritise affordable housing.

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