NEA and Parliament

NEA recognises the importance of lobbying Government on necessary measures to enable some of the most vulnerable people in society to have warmer homes and on the need for policies to alleviate fuel poverty in the UK.

NEA's parliamentary unit is responsible for the following elements of work:

. production and distribution of briefings for MPs and Peers on any legislation/regulations/policy impacting on fuel poverty
. participation in coalition campaigns for new legislation on energy efficiency, fuel poverty and sustainable energy
. monitoring Parliamentary business and activity relevant to fuel poverty and domestic energy efficiency for dissemination to NEA members and supporters
. organising an annual winter campaign - Warm Homes Campaign - which involves constituency visits for MPs.
. providing the secretariat for the Associate Parliamentary Warm Homes Group
. organising events at the annual Party Political Conferences

For more information on NEA's Parliamentary Unit, please contact: Maria Wardrobe, Director of Communications

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