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Our Publications

Quality Touring Parks Guide
The National Caravan Council's latest edition of its free Discover Quality UK Touring Parks guide. The 2008 brochure covers the whole of the UK and the Republic of Ireland and only features touring parks that have been Tourist Board inspected. Each park is then given a star rating by an independent assessor (* to *****) judged on the quality of its facilities, landscaping, atmosphere and ambience. The guide is available free by emailing

Caravan Towing Guide
Caravan weight is a major factor in the buying decision and you need the best advice contained in the Towing Guide.
For example:
Did you know that a caravan with a body in excess of 2.3 metres wide or 7 metres long can only be towed by a heavy motor vehicle (over 3500 kg Gross Vehicle Weight)? Not even a Transit van, nor the biggest 4x4, can lawfully tow a caravan that exceeds these dimensions.

If your outfit is incorrectly matched you could be stopped, even fined and have points added to your licence.

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The NCC's magazine for businesses

The National Caravan Council's quarterly magazine for businesses and organisations in or dealing with the caravan and park homes industries.


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