Position Statements

NCC Position Statements
UK caravan industry statistics - NCC Position statement June 2009
Statistical information on the importance of the touring caravan, motorhome and caravan holiday home industry in the UK.

Carbon monoxide and caravans - NCC Position Statement 4 July 2008
The National Caravan Council (NCC) supports the call by the Health Protection Agency (HPA) in their press release (3rd July) warning people of the potential health risks of carbon monoxide poisoning from fossil fuel burning appliances, such as gas powered fridges, heaters or cookers. The NCC always advises caravan owners to have their appliances serviced by an appropriately registered engineer annually - whether these be in touring caravans or caravan holiday homes.

Carbon Monoxide Alarms in Caravans - NCC Position Statement January 2008
Carbon monoxide is an odourless, colourless, tasteless and highly poisonous gas with no irritant effects so we can fall ill, and ultimately die, when our exposure rises into and beyond the critical level. The National Caravan Council (NCC) believes that it is vital for caravanners to have proper protection from this invisible killer.

Illegal siting and misuse of caravans - NCC Position Statement March 2005
The NCC cannot condone any illegal use of land for the siting of caravans. Our members who operate parks (both with holiday licences and those with residential licences) have to adhere strictly to planning regulations - which do, of course, exist for the common good. They are obliged to uphold their site licence conditions and pay business rates; thereby they make valuable contributions to tourism in the case of holiday parks and to meeting local housing needs in the case of residential parks.


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