Frequently Asked Questions


Q. How many caravans are in use in the UK?

A. There are:

·         550,000+ touring caravans

·         175,000 motorhomes

·         more than 240,000 caravan holiday homes

Meaning there are nearly one million leisure accommodation vehicles in use.

In addition, there are more than 95,000 residential park ('mobile') homes in use.

Q. How many caravanners are there in the UK?

A. Caravanning is an enormously popular pursuit. There are currently well in excess of a million people who regularly take caravan holidays - the Caravan Club alone has around one million members.

Q. What is the caravanning industry worth in this country?

A. The industry contributes more than £6 billion per annum to the UK economy (new/used retail sales, plus holiday and related spend). It employs around 115,000 people, including part-time and seasonal staff.

Q. How many caravan holidays are taken each year?

A. Caravan holidays accounted for nearly 12 million trips in 2012 (11.77 million trips; excludes motorhomes).

More than 56 million nights are spent in caravans each year.

Q. How many caravans are built each year in the UK?

A. There are:

·         Touring caravans – approximately 20,000 new units registered each year

·         Motorhomes – 7,400 new units a year

·         Caravan holiday homes  - 15,000 a year


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