Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How many caravans are in use in the UK?

A. There are:
. 498,000 touring caravans
. 112,000 motorhomes
. 335,000 caravan holiday homes

- together making almost a million leisure vehicles in use in Britain.

In addition, government figures suggest that there are more than 76,000 residential park ('mobile') homes in use. (See also section of FAQs on park homes.)

Q. How many caravanners are there in the UK?

A. Caravanning is an enormously popular pursuit. There are currently well in excess of a million people who regularly take caravan holidays - the Caravan Club alone boasts 800,000 members.

Q. What is the caravanning industry worth in this country?

A. In 2003, it was estimated the cost of sales (new and used) and expenditure on holidays totalled in excess of £3 billion. It is likely that this figure will be significantly higher in 2004 and if the cost of other related purchases and services were included.

Q. How many caravan holidays are taken each year?

A. Nearly 17 million trips were made on camping and caravanning holidays in 2002, and over £1.9 billion spend on caravan holidays. Caravanning and camping are together one of the most popular holiday choices for British people.

In 2002, caravanning represented nearly a fifth (19%) of all holiday nights - of which the breakdown is just over 7% of all paid-for holiday nights in touring caravans, and just over 11% in caravan holiday homes.

Q. How many caravans are built each year in the UK?

A. According to NCC figures (which are based on the returns made to the NCC by member manufacturers and an estimate for the UK production of non members), in 2003, the following were produced:
. Touring caravans 28,350
. Caravan holiday homes 26,050 for the home market, plus 5,000 for export
. Motorhomes registered (included imports) 7,468

It is estimated that the figures for 2004 may well exceed this.

The UK is the largest market in Europe for touring caravans - and the second largest in the world, after the USA.

Q. Why do people go caravanning?

A. It is a leisure and lifestyle choice. Research from Practical Caravan magazine in 2004 showed that the overriding reason that people love caravanning is because it 'represents freedom'. They 'love meeting like minded people and enjoy the outdoors.'


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