Police Widows Pension Injustice

Following recent changes to the Regulations concerning survivors’ pensions, and how they are dealt with should the survivor remarry, co-habit or form a civil partnership, it has become clear that there are three different approaches in operation within the United Kingdom. In Northern Ireland all survivors of members of the RUC pension scheme now retain their pensions for life irrespective of the circumstances of the death of the former officer. As a result all survivors are entitled to have their pensions reinstated effective from 1 July 2014. On the 18th January this year the 2006 Police [Injury Benefit] Regulations were amended. This change means that survivors’ pensions paid in respect of 1987 scheme members will no longer be subject to the forfeiture rule where the police officer dies or dies as a result of an injury received on duty. In England and Wales this change only applies to widows, widowers or surviving civil partners, who marry, remarry, form a civil partnership or start to cohabit on or after 1st April 2015. This change came into force retrospectively from 1st April 2015. In Scotland however the change applies to all those wives, husbands, or civil partners of police officers who died on duty who have already had their pension withdrawn because of remarriage, forming a civil partnership or cohabitation and consequently they will have their pension reinstated with effect from 1 October 2015, irrespective of the date of their remarriage, cohabitation or civil partnership. Steve Edwards Chief Executive of NARPO said: "This is a ridiculous situation, and extremely unfair to those survivors of police officers who deserve to be treated fairly and equally throughout the United Kingdom. This just further highlights the vagaries of the system of Government in this country, which allows one section of society to be treated less favourably than others, based solely on where a police officer served. We urge Government to think again on this issue and restore the pensions of those survivors irrespective of where their loved one served or when they married, remarried, cohabited or formed a civil partnership and bring the rest of the UK into line with Northern Ireland."   See more and find out how you can help at: WIDOWS PENSION FOR LIFE   - See more information at:  http://www.narpo.org/index.php/notices/widows-pension-for-life-petition.html