NARPO Headquarters at Wakefield is always available to answer any Police pension enquiry.
Either the Chief Execuive or Deputy Chief Executive, can provide personal advice on a whole range of pension issues, during normal office hours. Written and E-mail enquiries can also be catered for; all we ask is that you include your NARPO Membership number with your request.

Medical Pensions and Injury Awards are two areas that have experienced an unprecedented increase in the growth of enquiries. Throughout the forty-three Police Forces in England and Wales a much more robust and systematic approach to Medical Pension and Injury Award review continues to develop. NARPO accepts this new approach, as long as it is carried out fairly and with compassion; is based on sound medical evidence and is conducted within the guidelines of the relevant Police Regulations. To assist that process, NARPO have prepared a comprehensive guide to the Police Pension Scheme, in the form of a Pension Scheme Benefits booklet. The guide at fifty-four pages in length may appear to be overly complicated, but it explains in easily understood language the vagaries of the relevant part of the Police Regulations.

It can be accessed by simply browsing the pensions page on our main website.