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NASUWT highlight the crisis that surrounds the Welsh govt's school improvement strategy

Moving a motion on the ‘School Improvement Strategy in Crisis’ at the Wales TUC Conference in Llandudno today, Suzanne Nantcurvis, NASUWT National Executive Member, will condemn attempts by Education Minister Leighton Andrews to create a crisis around the 2010 PISA results in an attempt to introduce a series of education reforms which threaten the provision of a high-quality education system and an effective school workforce.

Ms Nantcurvis will say:

“The sad fact is that education has become a political punch-bag, with the parties lining up to knock the education workforce.

“The Minister has proclaimed that he wants the education system in Wales to be first class. This is an aspiration we can all subscribe to without hesitation. Many would say that it is being achieved on a daily basis in schools across Wales.

“However, the Minister must realise that if our world-class state education system is to be protected, he must eradicate the culture of blame, start demonstrating trust and confidence in the school workforce and listen to the practitioners who are at the forefront in delivering education.”

Chris Keates, NASUWT General Secretary, said:

“The Welsh Government and Ministers should do all they can to distance themselves from the putative approach of the Westminster Government.

“The Westminster Education Secretary has turned the abuse and misuse of international data into an art form to shore up his flawed policies.

“Ministers in Wales must not fall into the same trap.”


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