BSC Panel

The BSC Panel supervises the management, development and implementation of the Balancing and Settlement Code (BSC).

ELEXON provides all the resources, facilities and advice that the BSC Panel requires to do its work.

The BSC Panel currently has eleven members, a Chairman (appointed by the Gas and Electricity Markets Authority); two independent members (appointed by the Chairman); two consumer members (appointed by the National Consumer Council); five industry members (elected by BSC Trading Parties); and a member appointed by the Transmission Company (National Grid).

The members of the BSC Panel have over 200 years of combined industry experience - in some instances their individual experience goes back 40 years. Some members have worked in electricity markets in other countries. This means that there is a thorough understanding on the Panel of how the present energy markets function and also how the industry has evolved.

The composition of the BSC Panel is set-out below.

BSC Panel Members:

Nick Durlacher - Chairman

Professor Richard Brealey - (Deputy Chairman) Independent Panel Member

Moira Siddons - Independent Panel Member

Nigel Cornwall - Director (Non-Executive)

Sebastian Eyre - Industry Panel Member

John Sykes - Industry Panel Member

James Nixon - Industry Panel Member

Professor Catherine Mitchell - Industry Panel Member

Barbara Vest - Industry Director (Non-Executive)

Andrew Horsler - Consumer Panel Member

Abigail Hall - Consumer Panel Member

David Smith - Transmission Company Panel Member

In Addition:

David Lane - Distribution System Operator Representative

The BSC Panel's powers are described in the BSC and Code Subsidiary Documents. Refer to Section B - 'The Panel' of the BSC and the BSC and Related Documents section of the BSC (ELEXON) website for more information.

BSC Panel meetings are held monthly and more frequently should urgent business dictate. All meetings are held in open session with the exception of confidential business. Non-BSC Parties must gain permission from the BSC Panel Chairman if they wish to attend.

For more information refer to the BSC Panel and Panel Committees section of the BSC (ELEXON) website.

The BSC Panel can be contacted through the BSC Panel Secretary at


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