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ELEXON: Nick Durlacher reappointed as BSC Panel and ELEXON Chairman for one further year

Ofgem today reappointed Nick Durlacher for a further year's term as Chairman of the Balancing and Settlement Code (BSC) Panel and ELEXON from 1 October 2009. Nick will continue to chair the five-strong ELEXON Board and the Panel, which oversees change to the BSC to benefit ELEXON'S customers.

Nick was first appointed Chairman of the BSC Panel and ELEXON in 2000, and was reappointed in October 2003 and April 2006. His latest term started in October 2006. Ofgem will begin to recruit a new Chair in September 2009 in time for when Nick plans to retire in 2010.

ELEXON Chief Executive Stuart Senior joined members of ELEXON's Board and the BSC Panel in welcoming Nick's reappointment: "We'll continue to work with Nick to guide ELEXON through a rapidly changing energy landscape. Regulatory change from Ofgem's Code Governance Review and market change from smart metering and other initiatives mean big challenges for the industry and ELEXON in the next decade."

Ofgem's Chief Executive Alistair Buchanan said: "I am very grateful to Nick Durlacher for his chairmanship of ELEXON and the BSC Panel from its beginnings at the start of NETA and through further major reforms in the electricity wholesale market with the creation of BETTA. Nick's work has been admirable and well regarded by all market participants."


Notes to editors

1. The Balancing and Settlement Code governs wholesale electricity transactions in Great Britain. The BSC Panel and ELEXON manages the BSC rules and governance including BSC modifications. ELEXON's key role is to provide and procure facilities, resources and services to implement the BSC properly and effectively.

2. The Gas and Electricity Markets Authority appoints the Panel Chairperson. The Panel Chairperson also chairs the ELEXON Board.

3. Ofgem is currently undertaking a Governance Review of energy industry codes. It examines the modification and change process, the role of code administrators and more.

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