Who we are and what we do

The creation of EDF Energy in 2003 was the culmination of a process that had started five years previously, when London Electricity became part of the EDF Group. Since then we have tripled in size and tripled our customer connections. We now hold around 5.5 million customer accounts and are the fifth largest electricity generator in the UK.

EDF Energy is a wholly owned subsidiary of the EDF SA, one of Europe's largest energy groups.

The company is divided into these main branches:

. Customers Branch deals with our residential, SME and business customers. We are the UK's largest supplier to industrial and commercial customers
. Energy Branch manages our electricity generating portfolio and buys and sells electricity, gas and coal and operates in the energy markets.
. Networks Branch manages and operates our electricity distribution networks. Over a quarter of the UK's population depend on our networks for electricity. The branch also focuses on developing, operating and maintaining privately owned major electrical infrastructure and providing energy services. Our most significant projects are linked to the Channel Tunnel Rail Link, the London Underground and Heathrow's Terminal Five.

Serving our customers well

We remain committed to our UK customer contact centres. We believe that our customers will be best served by those who understand our customers' own communities and that a 100% UK-based customer support service is therefore best for our customers. We have customer contact centres in Doxford (near Sunderland), Exeter, and Hove, and smaller, more specialist centres in Plymouth and Worthing.

In 2005, we won the National Customer Services Award for our commitment to Priority Service Customers and we were ranked top in SME (Small Medium Enterprises) for customer satisfaction.

We're committed to improving the accessibility of our services, by building on what we already offer such as large print bills and Braille for customers who are blind or partially sighted, and Minicom services for customers with hearing difficulties.

Providing a secure supply

EDF Energy is the largest electricity distribution company in the UK. We own and operate three distribution networks: Eastern Power Network, covering the eastern counties, Southern Power Networks, covering the south east, and London Power Network, covering the major part of Greater London, Through these Networks we deliver electricity to nearly eight million homes and businesses in an area extending from The Wash in Norfolk to the River Arun on the Sussex coast.

Almost a third of the population in the United Kingdom, over 20 million people, rely on us to develop and manage the networks which provide them with the power to go about their daily lives.

In total, we maintain 47,396 km of overhead lines and 131,995km of underground cables.

The Energy Branch is in a real sense the physical power behind EDF Energy. We run the company's power stations and wind farms, we buy and sell power as well as purchasing gas and coal on the wholesale markets to fulfil the needs of our generating plants and our Customers Branch.

Our team is made up of skilled people who work closely together in three main areas - Wholesale Markets, Risk Management and Generation. They're a mixture of new and experienced professionals with a wide range of skills including engineers, accountants, environmental experts, analysts, economists and traders.

Our Commitment To The Environment

Meeting tomorrow's energy needs means taking responsibility for the future.

We believe in sustainable energy, integrating the latest technology and energy systems with best environmental practice. Reducing our impact on the environment not only enhances quality of life but prepares the way for future generations.

We have over 200MW of offshore wind capacity under development

We're always looking for and investing in new forms of renewable energy technology

We have installed Flue Gas Desulphurisation (FGD) plants at our coal-fired station West Burton and installation of FGD at Cottam Power station will be completed during 2007. FGD plants reduce sulphur dioxide emissions by up to 94%

Our gas-fired station at Sutton Bridge is one of the most efficient in Europe

We're working with local communities to deliver local energy solutions

EDF Energy's Green Tariff

EDF Energy's Green Tariff lets you choose renewable energy for your home.

As a Green Tariff customer:
. EDF Energy pledges to match the electricity you use with the equivalent amount of electricity from renewable sources; wind, landfill gas and small scale hydro.
. You will receive an energy efficiency pack including:
. a free home energy survey,
. information on energy efficiency grants,
. energy efficiency advice,
. two low energy light bulbs, which could save you £18 a year on your electricity bill

To find out more about our Green Tariff, use the on-line Contact Green Tariff form or call us on 0800 096 9000**.

Our Community Investment programmes

EDF Energy has three key stakeholders: our customers, our people and our shareholder, EDF Group. We have a duty to them, but we know we have also a responsibility to the broader community.

We are working to manage our impacts as a business on the community. We recognise that, in order to do this in a way that really helps the community, we need to work with community partners who will guide us in best practice in our community activities.

We currently work with a range of organisations including schools and community centres close to our sites. In addition, we have developed partnerships with some national organisations to help us achieve our objectives.

Mencap - our charity partner until December 2007

People with a learning disability make up some of our most vulnerable customers. It is vital that a company like ours, one that provides an essential service to millions of customers, understands the issues that people with disabilities face so that we can provide the best possible service to them.

In 2005, EDF Energy raised £250k for Mencap, This money has helped to fund a vital new piece of work to enable people with a learning disability to access healthcare and information abut diet and exercise. This project is called ENERGISE. Perhaps even more importantly than that, we have started to work in partnership with them on a range of issues from supporting our customers with a learning disability to helping people with a learning disability into work.

We want to continue to build on this relationship to ensure that we develop a strong and active partnership that will help us serve our customers better, enable us to welcome people with a learning disability into our workforce, and of course raise money for Mencap's vital work.

EDF Energy Trust

In 2003 we set up the EDF Energy Trust with a commitment of £2 million to help our customers in debt make a fresh start. It was the first energy trust of its kind in the UK. The Trust is an independent registered charity that offers grants and advice to enable customers to manage their household finances. Their main aim is to help people take control of their finances by reducing the burden of their debts and helping them to meet their future bills.

For details of how to apply for a grant visit the EDF Energy Trust website or call 01733 421 050. Alternatively you can contact your local Citizens Advice Bureau for further information.

Citizen's Advice

Citizen's Advice Bureaux (CAB's) are often the first places that our customers in debt turn to for help. This is why the EDF Energy Trust has made substantial grants to CABs.

WRVS is the largest provider of practical help for older people. It works with national governments, local authorities and NHS Trusts to provide meals company assistance when and where it is needed. Together, EDF Energy and WRVS will help WRVS service users make their homes more comfortable and reduce energy costs and generate revenue for WRVS through a programme called Safe, Warm and Well.

We have a schools safety programme. Our main partners in this are the schools across our regions, although we also work with the emergency services through Junior Citizen and Crucial Crew to get the safety message out there.

One of our community responsibilities that we take very seriously is the safety of children. We carry out a wide range of school visits, and have developed a safety website: www.edfenergy.com/powerup that explains to children from 7 to 14 (and their teachers and parents) how to be safe around electricity.

We are hoping to expand on our schools safety programme to incorporate information on the environment and joining our industry.

This is just a very small sample of the work EDF Energy undertakes with the communities it serves. To learn more please go to see our go to our website: