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EDF Energy to cut CO2 emissions by up to 60%

Company 'Climate Commitments' launched on World Environment Day

EDF Energy, one of the UK's leading energy companies, laid the groundwork today for transforming its business to tackle climate change. It has committed to reduce the carbon intensity of its electricity generation activities by 60% by 2020. The planned reduction is part of the biggest package of environmental initiatives launched by any major British company.

The plan is part of EDF Energy's 'Climate Commitments', which sets targets and outlines how the company will reduce its own environmental impact and help customers reduce their energy consumption in the UK.

In developing ways of maintaining profitability while encouraging its customers to use less energy, EDF Energy is marking a fundamental change in its whole approach to energy and energy services.

This programme is being launched on World Environment Day, with a series of events for employees at EDF Energy sites across the company.
At the centre of the 'Climate Commitments' is a plan to cut the intensity of carbon dioxide emissions from electricity production by 60%. Based on its current generation fleet this represents a reduction of around 12 million tonnes annually by 20201.

Additional commitments made by EDF Energy include:

. reducing the proportion of CO2 arising from its customers' energy consumption by 15% by 20202
. reducing the volume of materials sent to landfill by 50% by 2012
. taking action to cut CO2 emissions from its offices and depots by 30% and from its transport by 20% by 2012
. increasing the recycling rate for its office and depot waste to beyond the national average (minimum 65% by 2012)
. reducing the volume of waste the company produces in its energy billing activities by 30% by 2020, by encouraging customer uptake of electronic billing
. inspiring all of its employees to champion its energy pledges by taking active steps at home and at work to reduce their carbon footprint and that of others by 2012.

Vincent de Rivaz, Chief Executive, EDF Energy said:

'Everyone has a responsibility to play their part in tackling climate change. Today we have declared what EDF Energy will do to become a more sustainable business. Our actions will be a major contribution to achieving the UK's carbon reduction targets. We intend to engage our customers to come with us on this journey so we wanted to tell them what we will be doing so they know we are serious.

'The EDF Group already has by far the lowest carbon dioxide emissions among all the major European energy companies. Delivering these commitments in the UK will bring EDF Energy into line with the rest of the group. These stretch targets are only possible because of the support and long term commitment of EDF to the UK including a willingness to make significant investment.'

Our Climate Commitments can be seen on our dedicated website: www.edfenergy.com/ourvision or read Our Climate Commitments in PDF.