Should you have any queries about any of the issues on this site or require any additional information about EDF Energy please do not hesitate to contact us:


40 Grosvenor Place

Victoria MacGregor
Head of Public Affairs
Phone: 020 7752 2178

Simon Ashwell
Public Affairs Manager
Phone: 020 7752 2173

Rajan Lakhani
Public Affairs and Media Relations Assistant
Phone: 020 7752 2196

Emergency Information

If your power supply is interrupted or you need to report damaged equipment please use the numbers below.

Please call us urgently if you see any of the following, and we'll make the equipment safe:

. Damaged equipment or lines
. Overhead lines that are on the ground or low enough for people or vehicles to come into contact with them
. Sparking overhead wires that are twisted or pushed together by broken tree branches
. Broken substation fences or damaged electricity manhole covers in the road or pavement which leave live equipment expose
. Electricity meters and associated equipment that are not secure or waterproof

If there are cables on or near the ground, please keep clear of them. They may still be live and able to conduct electricity through damp ground or metallic objects. If they are in roads or on footpaths, dial 999, tell the police and help keep passers-by well away.

To report a power cut or emergency

London - including Greater London - 0800 028 0247

East of England - including Essex, Suffolk, Norfolk, Cambridgeshire, Hertfordshire, Bedfordshire and Buckinghamshire - 0800 783 8838

South East of England - including Kent, Surrey and Sussex - 0800 783 8866