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CML: Is the UK mortgage market really open for business?

In the first issue of CML News & Views this year, we pose a fundamental question: Is the UK mortgage market really open for business?  We look at 10 different indicators of activity – across a wide range of measures, including transactions, first-time buyer access and mortgage availability.  We conclude that all these indicators show that the shutters really are coming up.

Our second article looks at what is needed to make longer-term tenancies more widely available for tenants.  Lenders are receptive to the arguments put forward by tenant groups and politicians – although many of those in the rented sector continue to value the flexibility of shorter-term agreements.  We conclude that progress depends on acknowledging, and responding to, the interests of tenants, landlords and lenders.

We also look at the impact of the Green Deal.  The initiative finally gets the green light next week, and we look at what it means for lenders and home-owners.

To see all the stories in full, go to the latest issue of CML News & Views.

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