Welcome to Conservatives Against Fox Hunting (The Blue Fox Group) established by a Conservative Association Chairman ( now the Association President and an elected Deputy Chairman Area ) and his family in January 2010. We represent the two thirds of Conservative supporters and the 75% of the general population who think hunting with hounds should remain illegal as demonstrated in an Ipsos MORI poll carried out in 2009 for The League Against Cruel Sports. The Hunting Act 2004 ban outlaws hunting wild mammals such as deer, hare, foxes and mink by packs of dogs. It also bans the sport of hare coursing. Hunting wild mammals with dogs is illegal and we want it to remain as such.

We decided to dispel the myth that all Conservatives are pro hunt

26 Conservative MP's are against hunting with hounds. The majority of Conservative MP's have stated their intention to vote for repeal when offered a free vote which will mean a return of hunting stags, foxes and hares with hounds and hare coursing which the legislation currently bans and has done for the last 8 years. It is a new law and needs to be protected for the sake of our wildlife.

We support our 26 anti hunting Conservative MP's and work to encourage more Conservative MP's to join them and represent the majority opinion against such sports

Our Vision:  ENCOURAGE MP's to support the ban.

INSPIRE and CONNECT others to speak out too.

We all have the POWER to get involved to PROTECT wildlife from cruel sports.


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