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Blue Hare campaign

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The current Close Season For Hares campaign in the House of Commons was initiated by Conservatives Against Fox Hunting

Brown hares populations have declined by an estimated 80% from 4 million a century ago to around 750,000 today. This is due to a change in Agricultural practices where hay meadows, a favoured habitat for hares, have been largely replaced by silage production meaning more cuts in a year, which also means concealed leverets are killed in farm machinery. Another important reason for their decline is due to the fact that around 390,000 hares are shot each year leaving tens of thousands of leverets to starve to death waiting for their killed mothers to return.

A Species Action Plan for brown hares was introduced in 1995 by the government which aimed to double spring numbers by 2010. This target has not been achieved.
In May 2011 we were concerned to learn that hares do not have a close season unlike other species.

In our opinion, a close season will:

Bring England into line with Scotland, Northern Ireland, and most of mainland Europe who already have close seasons for hares.
Help meet government objectives and targets to increase hare populations.

Stop the killing of many thousands of pregnant and nursing females and therefore prevent the suffering and eventual death endured by their dependent leverets, recognised by DEFRA as a huge animal welfare issue.

Our campaign for hares is supported by over 145 cross party MPs in the House Of Commons who have signed their name to EDM 2531:

We gave a joint presentation on hare protection in the House of Commons before MPs and animal welfare charities on the 21st February

The Founder of Conservatives Against Fox Hunting gave a five minute presentation talk jointly with Humane Society International UK for a close season for nursing hares during their breeding season at the Associate Parliamentary Group For Animal Welfare’s meeting in the House of Commons on the 21st February 2012.

Conservatives Against Fox Hunting and Humane Society International UK (HSI) presented together a presentation for the protection of wild hares in the committee room before animal welfare organisations and MPs .Lorraine Platt sat on the panel table which included the Chairman of APGAW, Neil Parish MP, The RSPCA, the PDSA and Humane Society International UK amongst other animal welfare representatives.

We jointly organised and hosted the first Parliamentary reception with HSI for the protection of nursing hares in the House of Commons in June 2012. 14 MPs attended, Bill Oddie and over 144 MPs supported the EDM for a close season for nursing hares.

The Hare Preservation Trust and Care For the Wild International also work together with us and HSI on the proposal for a close season for hares


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