• New dawn delivers fresh challenges for NHS

    Having been a cauldron of controversy regarding care levels, rumoured budget cuts and waiting periods over the past few years, the NHS has hit the headlines again recently with its landmark reforms coming into effect. But what challenges do these pose for our health service - and what effect will they have on patients?

  • To EU or not to EU? That's a traveller's question

    The idea of the EU referendum has sparked controversy all over the shop, whether you work in a government role like the civil service or you're a member of the public. While Cameron, Clegg and everyone else in between are arguing the merits of the proposal, the rest of us are wondering one thing - how will it impact our holidays?

  • Railing against rail: top political gaffes

    As a resident of the UK, there are certain things that it's inevitable you'll complain about - no matter who you are or what you do. The weather's always either too hot, too cold or too wet, for example, and the national rail system is The Enemy. In fact, the latter is a perpetual political ticking time bomb - and the government is oh-so-adept at lighting the fuse.

  • Politics and property: top politicians' residences

    While members of the civil service are unlikely to possess impossibly grand abodes or lavish second homes, some of the nation's top political figures tend to have a little more luck in that department. In fact, such homes rank among the UK's most recognised estates.

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