The Importance of Arts & Business

Arts & Business working together can achieve a richer, more creative United kingdom

A&B works with hundreds of businesses around the country to help them to positively impact society through working with arts organisations.

Arts projects can benefit a wide range of social issues including education, diversity, health, social isolation and employability.

Environmentally, the arts can help to reverse physical, social or economic decline. New and refurbished cultural buildings and new public art are among the most visible sources of civic identity and renewal.

In the workplace, involvement with arts projects and organisations can enhance employee morale and help businesses to attract and retain talented people.

Through engagement with the arts, businesses can demonstrate support for socially valued activities and convey key brand values to internal and external audiences.

Every year the Arts & Business Awards celebrate the outstanding examples of the arts and business worlds coming together. They are the most prestigious and high-profile recognition of excellence in arts & business partnerships in the UK. Celebrating these successes and sharing best practice helps to create partnerships which benefit business, the arts and society.


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