30 years of A&B


  • Since 1976 we have been the catalyst for business investing over £1 billion in the arts.
  • There are 18 Arts & Business offices in the UK, from Brighton to the Scottish Highlands and Northern Ireland to Wales.

  • Since 1976 business investment in the arts has increased 200 fold reaching £119.2 million in 2004/05 and with individual and trust & foundation giving this figure reaches £452.1 million.
  • Arts & Business receives funding from business, the government and Arts Councils across the UK to promote creative partnerships between business and the arts.
  • Arts & Business is the largest such organisation in the world - over 1500 business & arts organisations in the UK are members.
  • We encourage businesses to try something new with the arts by investing in new partnerships - in 2004/05 Arts & Business New Partners made 276 investments, turning just under £2.5 million into just over £7.5 million, a return on investment of 3:1.
  • In the last decade Arts & Business have held over 400 seminars giving practical advice to arts professionals on how to raise sponsorship from the corporate sector.
  • Over 4500 business professionals have contributed their time, skills and expertise to thousands of non-profit arts organisations through our Board Bank, Skills Bank & Mentoring programmes.


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