• The Gatekeepers

    Film review: The Gatekeepers

    A gripping and vital piece of filmaking which will change the way you look at the Israeli-Palestinian problem.

  • Lincoln is a flawed but respectable offering from Spielberg

    Review: Lincoln

    Steven Spielberg's labour of love to one of America's greatest presidents will be catnip to political geeks but is likely to bore mainstream audiences.

  • Zero Dark Thirty has a complex view of its protagonists

    Review: Zero Dark Thirty

    Kathryn Bigelow issues a gripping and controversial account of the hunt for Osama bin Laden.

  • Christopher Waltz steals every scene he's in in Tarantino's brutal and hilarious film.

    Review: Django Unchained

    Quentin Tarantino's best film since Pulp Fiction is a violent homage to the healing power of cinema.

  • Man of the people? Desperate times call for desperate measures

    Review: There's a method to Clegg's LBC madness

    Nick Clegg is making history. This is nothing new: the coalition is a historic experiment, and it is all his fault. Which is why he's having to do this sort of show.

  • A detail from work by Agamaria Pasternak at the Intercontinental Hotel London Westminster

    Art and politics: Framing the chaos of Westminster

    Yes, the Intercontinental London Westminster is not an obvious art venue. Yet its art curator, Peter Millard, has assembled a collection of provocative works which, taken together, capture the essence of British political life.

  • Grassroots: Complex and mature in its handling of idealism and race.

    Review: Grassroots

    A political US comedy with a sharp wit and a mature take on the nature of idealism.

  • Daniel Craig as James Bond in  Skyfall.

    The politics of Skyfall

    WARNING: SPOILERS. Can a womanising imperialist ever sit comfortably with a 21st Century cinema audience?

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