• David Babbs: "It's not often you can say 'I took the government to court and won', but that's what thousands of 38 Degrees members could say last year."

    38 Degrees interview: Meet British politics' spammer-in-chief

    MPs have come to despise 38 Degrees for clogging up their inboxes with emails from constituents. They need to get used to it - because this model of campaigning-by-email-bombardment isn't going away.

  • Natalie Bennett: Captain of "a very cooperative football team"

    Interview: Natalie Bennett

    Is the characterisation of the Greens as a "watermelon" party - green on the outside, but red in the middle - preventing them from forming a broader coalition of support?

  • Liam Fox: On the up once more

    Interview: Liam Fox

    Liam Fox thinks Britain needs power and influence. Which, coincidentally, is what he could with a bit more of himself.

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